A dragons story

If you love the look of cartoons and dragons, then you'll love A Dragons Story, a colorful online slot game. The background of the game is filled with gold coins, small dragons, and green rolling hills. The animation is also a delight to watch, bringing the characters to life when you win a spin. Added to that, the jolly baroque soundtrack adds to the fun.

The theme of the game is very enjoyable, and you'll have a lot of fun playing this slot machine. The graphics are superb, and there's plenty of special features to enjoy. The game includes a bonus round and free spins, as well as a gamble feature. In addition, the mobile version of this slot is available, which gives you the flexibility to play it on the go. You can play A Dragons Story on any mobile device for free.

The soundtrack of A Dragons Story is equally impressive. The game features a slow tune with sounds from nature and different jingles. During the bonus rounds, there's a white line that passes through winning symbols. The reels spin slowly and the corresponding sounds and effects are very good. The graphics aren't great, but they're a good enough addition to the game. The sound effects are very pleasing to the ear, and the overall experience is pretty satisfying.

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